c/o Graeme Bool, 6 Jamberoo Place, BANGOR NSW 2234
Telephone: 0295434337 ~ Mobile: 0427125327 ~ Email: graemebool@outlook.com



Forthcoming Events 


SAT Jul 16 Canberra Luncheon
MON Jul 18 Boutique Hotel Luncheon
SAT Aug 13 Wagga Wagga Luncheon
SAT Dec 10 Wagga Wagga Luncheon

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Patron's Lunch 7th September 2016

Our Patron the Hon. Warwick Smith AM

President Graeme Bool

David Flemming--John Turnbull

Peter Bradford--Heather Riach

Ken Keen--Tony Carter

Ian Tredinnick--Linda Lyons

Life Member Noel Bottrell--Jim Richardson--Ron Welsh

Life Member David Wright--Doug Richardson--Alasdair Steel

Alan Edmonds--David C Fleming--Reg Smeaton

Jim Corrigan--Phil Cohen--Graeme Bool--Ray Brennan

David Fleming--Rino Mariani--Betty Brown

Betty and Geoff Brown

Betty Brown--Ken Keen

Terry Auld--Phil Newsome--Mark Monaghan

Brian White--Stuart Kitching

Denis Lickley--Ian Tredinnick--John Mair

Linda Lyons--Sharyn Sergeant--Pam Griffiths--Jenny Lennox

John Becroft--Jim Richardson

Ron Welsh--John Le Gras

Brian Liebert--Noel Chie

John Freedman--Jasmine Antoneous

Jasmine Antoneous--Amanda Clarke

Wilhelmina and Barry Smith

Bob Janson--Nick Oglesneff

Phil Cohen--Terry Stapleton

John Mitchell--John Tier--Garry O'Meara

Ian Jarratt--Jim Corrigan--Phil Durney

Jan and Peter Douglass--Chris Wheeler

Ken Byatt--Mike Cunneen--Alf McDermott--Alasdair Steel

Bill Chapman--Col Bartrim

John Turnbull--Angela Vallander

Ron Hargrave--Wal Hardy

Reg Smeaton--Ken Dighton

Noel Bottrell--Angelo Brigandi

Graeme Bool--Peter Maber

Keith Morrin--Peter McCabe