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Illawarra Function on Sunday 2nd May 2021


There were thirty-five, either members or partners/friends, who attended our gathering at the Coniston Hotel for a bistro lunch and a very social afternoon. All seemed to enjoy themselves and are pressing for a return bout before Christmas. There were members present that had not seen some of their former colleagues for almost forty years. A lot of catching-up was done and the venue was ideal, the food good, and the company excellent. We had a visit from Angela Vallender and her friend Sue Carrol from Sydney, otherwise the entire contingent were Illawarra-based. Many of the following apologies would normally attend also, so the numbers are expected to swell for the next event.

Apologies were received from Pat Walsh, Sebastian Zammit, Noel Bottrell, Ken Byatt, Col Bartrim, Liz Joyce, Angelo Briganti, Kate Pietracci, Mark Nightingale, Peter Rutledge, Greg and Linda Thorne, Kerry Rosser and our President Terry Auld, who had committed to come down but another unavoidable event prevailed to prevent his arrival.

A big thank you to the ANZROC (NSW) Committee for their support for the day. We will endeavour to get us together again in November before the Christmas rush, so keep your eyes open for the notice.

Next function planned for Sunday 28th November

Location Map

Dianne Sainsbury, Anne Odewhan, Lynne Hiscox, Del Pratt

Barry Booth, John Smith

Sandra and Barry Booth

Vic East, Noel Pratt, John Odewhan

Mary Chapman, Helen Newsome, Bill Chapman

Brian Whit, Angela Vallender, Sue Carroll,, Lesley East

Jenny and Tony Hunt, Laurie Sainsbury, Deidre Kornacki

Gail Rutledge, Sue Miller, Jenny Osmond

Helen Newsome, Kini Smeaton

Narelle and Col Rogers, Annette Osmond, Jerry and Diedre Kornacki

Kerry Love, Clare Campbell

Phil and Helen Newsome, Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell, Reg Smeaton, Phil Newsome

Col Rogers, Tony Hunt (Both joined ES&A Berry in 1969)

Vic and Lesley East