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Newcastle Luncheon 9th May 2019

The Newcastle Luncheon at the Cardiff RSL Club on Thursday enjoyed an attendance of thirty-three.

Chapter President Ron Welsh OAM welcomed all and in his address acknowledged the support from ANZROC New South Wales which is greatly appreciated. Ron also thanked Jim & Cheryl Richardson for the work they carry out in attending to the arrangements for the local functions. Ron especially greeted those not seen for a while, Alan Deveson, Jeanette Manning and Doug Moss. He also welcomed back to Newcastle Mike and Gloria Riley from Wodonga. Mike spent quite a number of years in Victoria and they have moved back permanently and will be welcome regulars at our functions in the future.

Our Immediate Past President, Graeme Bool, responded on behalf of the visitors and advised that ANZROC NSW is always pleased to support the country chapters and would continue to do so. He also made observations as to how the bank has changed forever from what we were used to. He thanked those responsible for arranging the function.

A former colleague, Ben Coutman, called in to say hello and lodged his membership application. Ben worked with quite a number of us many years back before leaving the bank after which he gained accountancy and financial qualifications and taught accountancy in several of the Pacific Islands, including Fiji. He will be most welcome to participate in our activities.

Jim Richardson gave details from those who sent apologies, some due to illness, family commitments, and of course those lucky ones on holidays, both here and overseas.


Peter Maber, John Penn, Alan Deveson

Kester Ball, Jean Maber

Lindy Dighton, Ron Hargrave

Col and Robyn Killer, Joan Anderson

John Ball, Keith Anderson

Neville Wilkinson, Geoff Boynton, June Willoughby

Allan and June Willoughby

Jeanette Manning, Nell and Bob Grant

Ron and Sue Welsh and Evelyn Goldstein

Noel and Betty Cook, Judith Bool

2 old Deni Boys Ken Dighton and John Ball