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Garden Island Tour 28 March 2019

Angelo Briganto reports:

"The sunny weather came alive for us on our tour of Garden Island, a hidden treasure of our history dating back to the arrival of the First Fleet. The area was originally set up as a garden to grow corn and onions as the only effective means to fight scurvy.

We may have all individually gone past it thousands of times but we do not appreciate what is in or what goes on there. Great innovations in modern times with outstanding engineering feats and a state-of-the-art dry dock capable of taking very large aircraft carriers. The footprint of the island was increased by more than twenty hectares through land reclamation which achieved the joining-up to the mainland and facilitated the building of the dry dock. A worthy monument to our fallen heroes, the men and women of the RAN. A learning experience in the company of a great group.

We later enjoyed a relaxing light lunch and a drink, of course."