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From Left: Immediate Past President Graeme Bool, Editor Sebastian Zammit, Committee Tony Schembri, Senior Vice President Terry Auld,
President Phil Cohen, Committee Phil Newsome.., Photographer Alf McDermott, Committee (partially obscured) Denis Lickley,
Welfare Officer Ken Dighton, Records Officer and Auditor Ken Byatt, Committee Noel Bottrell, Treasurer Mike Cunneen,
Junior Vice President Angelo Briganti, Secretary Reg Smeaton.


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Fred Bannister Memorial Golf Day

The Illawarra hosted their annual Fred Bannister Memorial Golf Day, including the Dick Kostrubiec Memorial Shield.

The key outcomes were:

Winners of the Fred Bannister Memorial Trophy: (from left) Brian White as presenter, Scott Collison, Greg Clarkson,
Phil Newsome as presenter; absent Steve Bynon and David Bullock

Runners-up and winners of the Dick Kostrubiec Memorial Shield:
(from left) Richard Crawford, Ian Aird, David Brown, Noel Pratt,
and Phil Newsome as the presenter.

Approximately 60 golfers did battle with the course, and another 6 or so joined us for lunch and the all important catch-up. A good day was had by all and there were some very tired-looking golfers present for a nice lunch and some good friendly chatter. There were participants from the North - Newcastle (Keith and Marie Crawford) - and from the South - (Tony Hardman and Alex Morgan [away on a break]) - as well as a solid representation from our Sydney colleagues.