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SAT Aug 13 Wagga Wagga Luncheon
THU Aug 25 Partners Luncheon
MON Sept 19 Boutique Luncheon City
MON Nov 21 Boutique Luncheon City
FRI Dec 9 Canberra Christmas Function
SAT Dec 10 Wagga Wagga Luncheon

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Christmas Cocktail Function at ANZ Banking Group Limited 242 Pitt St Sydney


This function was hosted by Mark Monaghan from the ANZ Bank on behalf of Maile Carnegie, our newly appointed Patron. It was good to see everyone enjoying their afternoon. As usual with a collection of retirees, stories both tall and true abounded, but the gathering of former colleagues, many not seen for some time, and the revival of the old camaraderie makes the whole thing worthwhile. It was great to have a familiar face in the form of Mark Monaghan host the event. He personally knew 50+ of the people in the room which speaks volumes of the relationship that has been built over the years under Warwick Smith's patronage and his team’s unstinting support.

Mark welcomed all of the attendees and spoke briefly on the positive changes in the way things get done in the Bank under the current CEO Shayne Elliott. He wished all a happy festive season and a prosperous New Year, and then spent the afternoon mingling with all the guests. Given the time constraints Mark is no doubt under, his time and company was most appreciated by all present.

At the conclusion of the day Graeme Bool thanked Mark for his attendance and Lee Blundell and her team for their efforts on the day.


Peter Maber

Jan and Peter Douglass

Noel Fox, Bill Chapman, Brian White, Ron Hargrave, Peter Maber

Denis Lickley, John Freedman, Peter Bradford

Ken Byatt, Eddie Fiddock

John MacKenzie

Noel Chie, Vic East

David Lennon, Clieve Lennon

Ken Keen, Roy Easton

John Cairns, Peter Bradford

Peter Maber, Reg Smeaton

Vicki Wilkinson, Jan Douglass, Bob Wilkinson

Karl Mizens, Robyn Day, Lyn Conomos, John Mitchell

John Ryan, Ron Welsh, David Fleming, Ken Dighton

Barry Smith, Albert Orszaczky, Phil Durney

Rino Mariani, Lyn Smith, Betty Brown

Our President Graeme Bool

Our Host Mark Monaghan

Wilhelmina Smith, Alisdair Steel

Barry Smith, Geoff Brown, Noel Bottrell

Peter McCabe, Charles White, Tony Schembri, Eamon Berne

Alistair Johnston, Paul Toohey, Mike Cunneen, John Le Gras

Ian Jarratt, Barry Smith, Paul Toohey

Graham Kenney, Roy Easton

Ray Brennan, Graeme Bool, Alex Morgan, Reg Smeaton

Gary O’Meara, John Hillard, Jamie Roberts

Barry Bailey, Phil Newsome

Rino Mariani, Bob Parsons, Alistair Johnston

Ann Morgan, Lyn Conomos, Robyn Day, Gwen Jarratt

Graeme Bool, Ray Brennan, Mike Cunneen

Colleen Moran, Heather Riach, Jenny Lennox, Bev Shaw, Angela Vallender, Sharyn Sergeant, Ann Morgan