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Tour of the SCG 3 February 2015

The Phil Hughes Memorial Plaque

The view from the Press Boxes of a very well pampered press

The Members' Stand in 2015 World Cup livery

From left, Peter Maber, Ron Welsh, John Becroft, Graeme Bool, Phil Newsome, Ray Herbert, Helen Mazar, Sue Welsh, Denis Lickley, Ann Morgan, Alex Morgan, Alistair Johnston, Ian Stewart, Terry Auld, Betty Brown, John Turnbull, Geoff Brown, Kini Smeaton, Reg Smeaton, Laurie Sainsbury, Noel Bottrell

Ron (our tour guide) Alistair Johnston, Noel Bottrell, Betty Brown, Laurie Sainsbury, Geoff Brown, John Becroft, Ian Stewart

Peter Maber, Graeme Bool, Ann Morgan, Alex Morgan, Helen Mazar, Phil Newsome, Ron and Sue Welsh

John Turnbull, Denis Lickley, Noel Bottrell, Ray Herbert, Alistair Johnston, John Becroft

Denis Kickley, Ron Welsh, Sue Welsh, Laurie Sainsbury, Terry Auld, Ann Morgan, Reg Smeaton, Ian Stewart, Helen Mazar, Peter Maber, Ron (SCG), John Becroft, Noel Bottrell

Honour Boards in the "Away" Change Rooms

Phil Newsome, Helen Mazar, Ron and Sue Welsh, Geoff Brown, Reg Smeaton, Ann Morgan, Ron (SCG) in the "Away" Change Rooms

Alistair Johnston and Ron (SCG) in the more commodious "Home" Change Rooms

Betty Brown in front of some of the individual seating and storage areas for the "Home" players

Ron (SCG) Reg Smeaton, Ian Syewart, Ann Morgan, Peter Maber in the rest area of the "Home" change room

Ron Welsh, Kini Smeaton, Terry Auld (back) Phil Newsome, Helen Mazar, Ray Herbert and Geoff Brown in the "Home" change rooms

We get to walk on the "hallowed turf"

Phil and Helen

John Becroft and Ian Stewart heading into the Museum under the Ladies Stand

The Press Room view

A classic view of the Members and Ladies stands

The press room with a view across to the electronic media suites